Amazon to Acquire Home Mesh WiFi Company eero

Amazon to acquire home mesh WiFi company eero
Photo Courtest: eero
Amazon to acquire home mesh WiFi company eero
Photo Courtesy: eero

Amazon will acquire the creator of a popular home mesh router system eero as announced through a merger by both entities Feb. 11.

Amazon stated that “eero is already delighting Amazon customers with its products and services as indicated by eero’s 4.6-star rating on The routers “blanket a room with high-performing, reliable WiFi” as stated by Amazon, and this will help current customers connect better to their Smart Home devices such as voice-assistant device Alexa. This will solidify the brand’s current standing in the smart-home device market and provide a WiFi connection that “eliminates dead zones” within a home.

“We are incredibly impressed with the eero team and how quickly they invented a WiFi solution that makes connected devices just work,” said Dave Limp, SVP of Amazon Devices and Services. “We have a shared vision that the smart home experience can get even easier, and we’re committed to continue innovating on behalf of customers.”

The San Fransico-based company eero created TrueMesh software built to work synchronously with eero hardware and was one of the first mesh WiFi companies. The software, developed with machine-learning and data collected from hundreds of homes, has a dynamic routing algorithm to completely cover a home’s WiFi accessibility. The routers come in a variety of coverage ranges from 1,000-4,500 sq. feet, promising total coverage. The brand features add-ons that extend WiFi coverage throughout a home and helps provide strong coverage to multiple devices accessing WiFi.

“From the beginning, eero’s mission has been to make the technology in homes just work,” said Nick Weaver, Co-Founder and CEO of eero. “We started with WiFi because it’s the foundation of the modern home. Every customer deserves reliable and secures WiFi in every room. By joining the Amazon family, we’re excited to learn from and work closely with a team that is defining the future of the home, accelerate our mission, and bring eero systems to more customers around the globe.”

The eero router includes tri-band broadcast, signaling WiFi on three wireless radio bands simultaneously. The software included in eero devices updates automatically about once a month, ranging from performance improvements to bug fixes.

This is Amazon’s latest acquisitions in the smart home device market as it acquired Ring, a smart video doorbell, for $1 billion in March 2018. Although no financial details have been released, more details about this deal should emerge within the next few weeks. The deal is currently pending closure.


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