Disney Set to Take Over Most of Hulu

Disney Set to Take Over Most of Hulu
Disney+ on TV - Editorial credit: Ivan Marc / Shutterstock.com
Disney Set to Take Over Most of Hulu
Disney+ on TV – Editorial credit: Ivan Marc / Shutterstock.com

Most people aren’t happy to hear about our Disney overlords taking even more property and expanding their all-powerful entertainment empire, but the unfortunate reality is that Disney has a lot of money, and they really like using it to increase their profit in any way possible, which generally means buying out other profitable companies. Their most recent target for assimilation is Hulu, the popular streaming service.

Make no mistake, Disney already had the largest share in Hulu at around sixty percent, but with their intent to consume the thirty percent share that Comcast has in the service, the Disney share will soon rise to ninety percent, an essential stranglehold that might as well be owning it entirely. Comcast and Disney are still just discussing the possibility of a deal, but as everyone knows, Disney often manages to get its way in these affairs, and even Comcast is worried primarily about whether or not there’s any reason to delay the inevitable.

The real question is what a Disney monopoly on Hulu will mean for the streaming service. After all, the corporation is planning to launch a streaming service of their own, Disney+, later this year. It seems unlikely that they would be pleased with Hulu distracting people from their new service. Not to mention Hulu stands to lose many Comcast owned NBC Universal shows if Comcast no longer has a share of Hulu itself. NBC supplies just under twenty percent of the content for Hulu, so it could be quite a large hit for Hulu streamers.

Of course, lots of big people in charge are saying this won’t be an issue. NBC itself claims that they have no intention to remove content from Hulu, and Disney chairman Robert Iger claims that Hulu would remain its own separate streaming service with unique content, standing apart from Disney+. He even claimed that Disney would potentially invest in new shows for Hulu, since it is such a popular streaming platform and has experienced excellent growth in recent years.

This means we can expect Hulu to remain its own unique platform in the immediate future, but this is subject to change as time wears on. After all, there’s no reason why Disney wouldn’t seek to roll Hulu into their Disney+ platform for one massive streaming service. With how much content Disney owns at this point, you’d practically be able to find anything from Marvel to Star Wars to Pixar on said service. While the fact that Disney owns all of those things is a sour note for many people, it doesn’t change the fact the fact that it would be nice to be able to access all of them in just one place.

Either way, whether or not Disney will actually acquire that Comcast share of Hulu is debatable, as right now no deal has been reached. And even if they did, there’s still another ten percent that has to be bought from someone else, though that likely wouldn’t be too much of a problem for Disney’s bank account.


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