eero Now Officially Part of Amazon

eero Now Officially Part of Amazon
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As of March 12, eero, the home-mesh WiFi system is officially a part of Amazon and “promises to reaffirm its commitment to customer security and privacy,” as stated in eero’s blog, The Download.

eero Now Officially Part of Amazon
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The Amazon-eero purchase began one month ago after the online retailer announced it would be acquiring eero. Established in 2016, eero was one of the first mesh WiFi companies to emerge in the market. The brand features add-ons that extend WiFi coverage throughout a home and helps provide strong coverage to multiple devices accessing WiFi to help avoid dead zones. However, it seems customer concerns over the merger have sparked a recent blog post by the San Francisco-based startup.

eero wrote that developing trust with its customers has been the company’s top priority since day one.

“With a shared relentless focus on customers, our new home within Amazon is the perfect fit,” the company wrote. “We now have the resources and opportunities to improve existing products through more frequent software updates, to launch new products and services, and to expand globally in the years to come. Amazon understands the importance of great connectivity for all the devices in our home, and we’re excited to be able to learn from each other as we continue to invent the future of the home.”

eero stated in its post that the company “has always believed everyone has a fundamental right to privacy, especially in their own homes,” and is taking security concerns “extremely seriously.”

“Amazon shares our philosophy to put customer trust first, and with every new product and feature we build, we’ll continue to adhere to our guiding principles: We believe all customers have a right to privacy and that means being clear with what data we’re collecting, explaining why in easy to understand terms and giving our customers control over their data; We collect network diagnostic information only to improve the performance, stability and reliability of our products and services, and to provide world-class customer support; and we actively minimize the amount of data to which we have access, and the data we have, we treat with the utmost security,” the post noted.

eero states that the data collected from customer’s home-mesh WiFi systems is used to “constantly improve eero products and services.”

“To continue to be upfront and transparent around privacy, we are outlining how we currently improve our products and our over all customer experience,” the company wrote.

eero collects data for its products, apps and services including network status, IP addresses, signal strength and bandwidth usage “to help optimize WiFi performance.” The company also collects node events such as device utilization, data, crash reports, and performance information to “inform an aggregate fleet of health and future product improvements.” eero’s network collects “a minimal amount of information” including the types of devices connected and daily speed tests.

“We do not have the capability, and never have, to collect any browsing data from eero networks,” the company wrote. “For our eero Plus customers, DNS requests are routed without customer information to our security partner, Zscaler. If we add new features that require more data, we will ensure you have control over whether you want to participate in the feature”
Customer support collects data such as user email, name and phone number for account verification and communication.

“This same contact information is accessible by support teams of eero distribution partners like Internet Service Providers, so they can properly support their customers,” the company wrote.

“Because we stand behind every system, support information is exempt from opt-out since we need this information in order to properly support eero’s products and services.”

This is Amazon’s latest acquisitions in the smart home device market as it acquired Ring, a smart video doorbell, for $1 billion in March 2018, solidifying its place in the smart device market.

Update to previous story about eero Amazon merger.


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