New Key Lime Treat Available March 18 at Chick-Fil-A

New Key Lime Treat Available March 18 at Chick-Fil-A

To get into the spring season right, Chick-Fil-A will introduce a new frosted treat for patrons to enjoy, starting March 18 through May 25.

The Frosted Key Lime is a hand-spun combination of vanilla Ice Dream, lemonade (or diet lemonade) and lime flavoring. The Frosted Key Lime was tested in the Austin, Texas, market at select Chick-Fil-A’s last fall and received positive customer feedback, according to the fast food retailer. The company boasts that the treat is a delicious on-the-go snack that is “lighter than a milkshake and packs in superfoods such as spirulina and turmeric.”

One of the best parts about the new shake is its dreamy color. The light-green Frosted Key Lime takes one of Chick-Fil-A’s most popular products and combines it with all-natural sweet lime flavor.

“Since launching Frosted Lemonade in 2015, customers have shared their excitement about our frosted options, like our Frosted Coffee and Frosted Sunrise, so we are delighted to launch another seasonal, frosted treat this spring,” said Leslie Neslage, menu lead for the menu and packaging team at Chick-fil-A. “Frosted Key Lime is both tart and sweet and will be a delicious, lower calorie treat that all customers can enjoy throughout the day.”

New Key Lime Treat Available March 18 at Chick-Fil-A

What’s in a Frosted Key Lime?

The Frosted Key Lime will be available at prices starting at $3.25. Consumers can choose diet or regular lemonade to have their treat made with. The diet Frosted Key Lime has 280 calories and the regular has 350 calories. This treat is available for purchase through the Chick-Fil-A One App.

Chick-Fil-A’s lemonade is made fresh daily using real lemon juice—not from concentrate, sugar, and water. Diet Lemonade is sweetened with Splenda No Calorie Sweetener. A quick google search can solidify the brand’s dominance in the freshed-squeezed lemonade market. Several copycat recipes for Chick-Fil-A’s lemonade online show the signature drink is perfect to combine with a new frosty treat.

According to the company’s blog, several test items didn’t quite make it to menus nationwide. The restaurant reveals it tested cinnamon roll biscuits in select markets, but the recipe and time it took couldn’t be executed.

What Didn't Make the Cut in the Chick-fil-A Kitchen

Test products that didn’t quite make it

“Even though the recipe was simple, it was surprisingly complex to make across all our restaurants,” says Chef Christy Cook. “Customers loved how it tasted, but because we couldn’t prepare it fresh in our restaurant kitchens each morning and get it right every time, we cut it.”

Another idea the company tested was chicken quesadillas made from chicken nuggets, cheese and the tortillas used in the breakfast burritos currently served at the restaurant. The company cited that the quesadilla just took too long to cook to make it a Chick-Fil-A staple.

A rosemary garlic flatbread wrap was also in the works at the restaurant.

“It was very polarizing,” Jonson said. “There were lovers and there were haters.”

The last test item the company mentioned in its blog was a cranberry orange bagel with a breakfast chicken fillet and cream cheese on the side.

“It was just so far out there, ahead of its time,” said Cook, adding, “Often that’s what happens. The market isn’t ready for it.”

According to the company, Chick-fil-A reported more than $10 billion in revenue in 2018, which marks 51-consecutive years of sales growth. The company states that consumers have consistently voted Chick-fil-A No. 4 in Harris Poll’s annual corporate reputation survey, ranking the company fourth out of 100 in 2018.

Chick-fil-A was also recognized for customer experience again in the 2018 Temkin Experience Ratings survey, was named “Best Franchise Brand” in 2018 by Airport Revenue News and was named one of the top 100 best places to work by Glassdoor in 2017.

Chick-Fil-A recently introduced another popular choice for the season of Lent: the Fish Sandwich. To meet the popular demand, the Fish sandwich returned to menus last week and will continue to be sold until Easter Sunday.


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