The Disney Streaming Platform That’ll Make Netflix and Hulu Nervous

Disney Officially Acquires 21st Century Fox in $71B deal
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The House of Mouse reached the zenith of entertainment godhood this week after sealing the controversial and widely publicized deal with Fox – to absorb their film rights and other business components.

When you take into account the amusement parks, toys and other merchandise, licenses and film rights on the big screen and TV, Disney is now the largest entertainment company in the world.

Disney Officially Acquires 21st Century Fox in $71B deal
Editorial Credit: Jarretera /

However, over the past year, Disney has alluded to breaking into the dedicated entertainment streaming space, causing rivals Hulu and Netflix to worry about how big of a chunk of consumers Disney.

On April 11th, Disney will be releasing more information regarding their new streaming platform dubbed Disney+, which pledges to have available their wide and varied collection of live action and animated films. It will also have brand new shows ranging from an original Star Wars spin-off to exclusive shows featuring some of Marvel Studios’ most popular characters such as Loki and the Scarlet Witch.

Rumors of the Marvel spin-off series especially were sealed when the Netflix Marvel franchises which included Daredevil, Jessica Jones, Luke Cage, Iron Fist, the Punisher, and the Defenders series came to a sudden and surprising end when each of the series were canceled in the Fall of 2018.

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The question arises; what about all the new content brought in by Fox? According to Entertainment Weekly, “It remains to be seen exactly how Fox’s library and licenses will fit into Disney+. Disney’s acquisition of Fox does give it the rights to National Geographic programming, which will be included on Disney+.

Other Fox content, like The Simpsons, is expected to continue streaming on Hulu. (By buying Fox, Disney now has a majority stake in Hulu.)

Also worth noting: Disney+ won’t contain any R-rated films, so presumably those will go to Hulu, too.”

So, while the R-rated sensational anti-hero Deadpool might not be making his way over to the family-friendly platform, at least his franchise will still be able to continue.

Back in February, Disney made it clear (especially because of the boatloads of money the film franchise brings in) that they would allow 21st Century Fox to continue making R-rated Marvel (licensed) superhero films in order to satisfy existing fans.

As far as the remaining X-Men films such as Dark Phoenix set to hit screens this summer, and the completed (yet shelved) New Mutants film, it is obvious the X-Men film franchise as we know it will only continue on with Deadpool while New Mutants has been rumored to have been given over to be streamed over at Hulu.

With an estimated thirty-million current consumers of Netflix and Hulu, Disney’s new expansion into online streaming will allow them the opportunity to bring in billions more than they already have.

Industry experts are confident that as soon as Disney+ is available for consumers, it’s launch expected to become the industry leader in online streaming entertainment overnight.

Sources: Entertainment Weekly, the Verge


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