Chicagoans, Want to Drink at a Fyre Festival Themed Pop-Up Bar?

Want to Drink at a Fyre Festival Themed Pop-Up Bar
Credit: Replay Lincoln Park
Want to Drink at a Fyre Festival Themed Pop-Up Bar
Credit: Replay Lincoln Park

The Fyre Festival will go down in history as a tornado of mass hysteria, legend, and outright criminal negligence, but when in Rome, do as the Romans do and try to make some money out of that whole debacle. Oh, and by “Rome” I actually mean Chicago, where one creative bar decided to treat those that missed out on the (far from) epic Fyre Festival experience to a pop-up bar sensation like no other.

According to Vice, “The Chicago arcade bar Replay Lincoln Park announced the bar earlier this week in true Fyre fashion: with a blank orange rectangle. People got the reference pretty quickly, judging by the comments.” Since the announcement came on April Fools Day, it was difficult for some to determine whether the Fyre Festival Instagram motif was real or just a practical joke, by after Replay Lincoln Park staff started putting out more information, it became abundantly clear this was actually going to happen.

According to the website RedEye, “the bar will be Fyre-themed from May 3 to 13, which means it’ll allegedly be chock full of palm trees, relief tents, cabanas, ‘gourmet cheese sandwiches,’ a drink called the ‘Andy’s Bahamian Blow Job Shot,’ and, we can only guess, plenty of Evian. Major Lazer and Ja Rule will, alas, only be on the playlist, but there will apparently be a Blink-182 cover band, so you can still get trashed to a soundtrack of loud teenage pop punk.”

Much of the post-Fyre Festival disaster culture as seen on television sketches, online jokes and memes, has derived from the two popular documentaries which debuted on Netflix and Hulu, showing different sides of the monumental disaster which left hundreds of vendors and staff without pay, hundreds of attendees stranded in conditions which could only be equated to a third world country, and now leaving several of the event planners such as Fyre Festival founder Billy McFarland in jail. Unlike the real Fyre Festival which charged astronomical rates for an experience that didn’t really exist, it only costs $22 to enjoy this small slice of internet culture history.

Currently, there are talks between producers and actor/director Seth Rogan to film a comedic docufilm about the Fyre Festival.

Sources: Vice, RedEye


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