R. Kelly and Gayle King: The Calm and The Storm

R. Kelly and Gayle King The Calm and The Storm
Credit: Montez C Miller / Shutterstock.com

Things got a little heated in R. Kelly’s first interview since being charged with sexual misconduct this year. His interviewer, Gayle King, didn’t let it budge her.

Legendary RnB singer, R. Kelly, has had to face his dirty laundry as his troubling past came to light this year after a 4-part mini-docu series came out on Lifetime. The docu series featured 50  interviews of various family members, members of R. Kelly’s team, and women all of whom claimed to be victims. They all told their stories of his horrid sexual and abusive treatment that spanned over his 30+ year career.

R. Kelly and Gayle King The Calm and The Storm
Credit: Montez C Miller / Shutterstock.com

R. Kelly has had a known history of being, what many say, “virtually untouchable”, when it comes to the law. Many accusations had been made against him, yet he has never been found guilty. In fact, in 2008, Kelly was found not guilty on 14 counts of child pornography with a 14 year old child on film. However, after the mini series came out, voices of many women were finally heard and his sense of “indestructibility” had  finally run its course.

In February of 2019 Kelly was charged with 10 counts of sexual abuse against four females, three of whom would have been underage at the time of the alleged crimes. He spent time in jail but was later released on $100,000 bail bought out by “female fans”.

R. Kelly finally broke his silence in an interview with renowned journalist, author and TV personality Gayle King on March 5th 2019. Gayle dove right in with the “head-on-the-nail” questions, all of which Kelly had quick, defensive and explanatory answers for. R. Kelly’s main point throughout the interview was clearly expressing how he felt about the allegations made against him. He says he was “tired of the lies” and that he’s “never broken any laws when it comes to women”. Kelly claims that he has made mistakes with women in the past, that he’s apologized in the relationships at those times.

A very tense moment prior to his outburst, Gayle asked R. Kelly “Are you saying everybody in that documentary was not telling the truth about you? Everybody?” In part, R. Kelly replied, “They’re describing Lucifer. I’m not Lucifer. I’m a man. I make mistakes.” R. Kelly was firm that he has never had any inappropriate relationships with any female under 17 and that all the accusers that say otherwise were simply “all lying on me”.

“Why would all these women tell these different stories about you if they were not true? And they don’t know each other? That defines logic to me!” Gayle challenged. R. Kelly claims that any girl can accuse a man like him [a man with power and money] if they ended things badly for the sake of attention or “traction”. R. Kelly blames social media and feels that all the women he’s ever been in a relationship with have all lied and added to these allegations to make him out to be the bad guy.

As the interview went on the questions became more daring for R. Kelly to answer, raw emotions began to show. First, he began by interrupting Gayle and gradually addressing the cameras behind her, shifting the focus of the interview to be all about his pleading. At one point Kelly points and yells to the camera “this is stupid guys, use your common sense!”

Kelly then begins to sob, beat on his chest and swear in hysterical manner, yelling “This is not me! I’m fighting for my f****** life! Y’all killing me with this s***.” Immediately afterwards Kelly stands up and starts to pace the small room, yelling and swearing as he towers over Gayle, screaming “I gave up 30 years of my f****** career!” and “I’m trying to have a relationship with my kids.”

The moment got so heated that Kelly’s publicist and team tried to calm him down in a brief intermission. Gayle, however, sat in her chair calmly keeping her composure until Kelly settled down.

Eventually R. Kelly was back in his seat, but his ranting and emotions were still on a high as he continued to interrupt Gayle and address the camera.

The interview remained front page for days on various media outlets and received lots of attention. Memes of the interview have swarmed the internet as social media had lots to say. Gayle king stated in an outside interview that she was never in fear of R. Kelly to hit her or physically harm her, but that she was concerned if he would accidentally hit her in his close proximity during his wild episode. Either way, she refused to close the interview because she wanted to hear what he had to say.

R. Kelly however was arrested after the interview on unpaid child support summing up to $161,000 to his ex-wife Andrea Kelly.

Many people criticize R. Kelly, claiming he was just acting out for money and attention. Many people also find what he says false and his emotional episode was just an Oscar performance.

But it was Gayle that received much praise. Through what came off as a rather intense and frightening moment, and what could’ve turned out to be something much worse, Gayle refused to lose her composure and worked rather professionally against Kelly’s outburst.

All in all, the vast majority of viewers and professionals who have seen Kelly’s interview are not buying what he was saying. Many, including Gayle, assume he’s just trying to play the victim and claim that it was rather the parents and girls idea to engage in a relationship with him. For now, we wait to see what Kelly’s fate becomes as his legal battle continues, and his deep, dark sexually explicit misconduct filled past is unraveled and revealed.


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