Elementary School in Agulia AZ Sets 10 Minute Homework Rule

Photo Provided by kidspot.com
Photo Provided by kidspot.com

Homework.  It’s an almost daily stressor for kids and parents alike.  There are a lot of stalling tactics, and for most younger students, it’s the last thing they want to participate in after a long school day.  Aguila Elementary School in Aguila, AZ has offered a guide for parents to answer the question, “How much homework should my elementary student be assigned?”  This school is following a somewhat popular “10 Minute Rule”.  This rule suggests a student should have 10 minutes of homework per grade level.  According to this guideline, your first grader would have about 10 minutes of homework per night, and your fifth grader would have 50 minutes per night.

This rule seems quite reasonable, and a University of Phoenix study showed an average of 36 minutes of homework each night for students in kindergarten through grade 5.  If you feel your student is spending too much time on homework, Aguila Elementary School suggests to check on their productivity and check on stalling, priorities and study area.  For example, children should have a separate study area from play area, so there are little to no distractions.  They suggest homework should be done first before play as well.  Another tip they offer for reading homework is to have your younger kids read aloud.  This way you can pop in and see if they are actually reading.

Students homework load can increase to up to 210 minutes per night in high school, so it is important to set these habits young.  The best way that Aguila Elementary suggests to set this habit up is to have a routine and stick to it.  Children who have set routines will thrive since they know what to expect.  It can be difficult to stick to your guns when children are fighting homework, especially if you have child care and are not present.  Make sure both your children and child care providers know the routine they are supposed to follow and once it becomes the norm, the child will likely be productive at completing homework before television or play.

If you have monitored your child and set a routine, but you still feel as though they have too much homework it might be time to have a conversation with their teacher(s).  The teacher may be leaving too much to do at home, or your child may be struggling with a certain subject that is slowing them down, such as reading or math.  Aguila, AZ is setting a great example by publishing their homework time expectations so that parents can know what to expect.  Hopefully all of our schools can follow their lead and determine appropriate homework guidelines to help ensure the success of your child, early on.



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