Historic Bridge in Arlington AZ is a Sight to See

Photo provided by poppavein.com

Among the many things to do in Arizona, this is one you may not have heard of.  In Arlington, AZ there is a beautiful historic bridge going over a dam on the Gila River.  This landmark has a long history of families coming to see the beauty of this Agricultural area, not very common in Arizona.  If you are an appreciator of Architecture, or an avid sight-seer the Gillespie Dam Bridge is worth seeing.  The drive in is beautiful and peaceful.  Adults and children alike marvel as they drive or walk over the bridge with the dam and the petroglyphs in sight.

You are likely to catch some deer and wildlife sightings on the drive.  There is a pull over with information on this bridge and it offers an amazing nature view.  The walk around the area provides its own set of beauty and splendor as well.  The dam has been described as “bizarre, beautiful and fascinating” in one review of the Gillespie Dam Bridge.  The bridge was originally built to connect the cities of Buckeye to Gila Bend. Locals have been taking this drive to Arlington, AZ for years to visit this landmark.  It is a great motorcycle ride as well for you bike lovers out there.

This particular landmark of Arlington is nestled in an area with nothing much else around.  The agriculture and farming area provides a peaceful atmosphere.  You will probably catch a few White Herons flying through the area above the Gila.  If you are looking for an easy getaway or a drive to a peaceful landmark this is an excellent option for you.

The Gillespie Dam is off of Old Highway 80 in Arlington, so there won’t be much traffic once you are out of the city.  It may seem like there’s not much going on in Arlington, but the appreciation for an agricultural existence isn’t lost on some of the locals in surrounding areas.  The drive and walk around the area will provide you with great peace and quiet.

This bridge was completed in 1927 and stands as a staple in Arlington history.  It is one of the most important examples of bridge history in Arizona, and remains almost unaltered to its original construction over 90 years ago!  Sometimes we forget to “stop and smell the roses”… I think it’s also important to stop and visit the small spaces unheard of and enjoy a day of historic beauty and splendor in a still area in a small town.

For more on the Gillespie Dam Bridge,visit https://www.loc.gov/resource/hhh.az0577.photos?st=gallery



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