Richard Petty Driving Experience in Avondale, AZ

Richard Petty Driving Experience in Avondale, AZ
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Thrill seekers looking for a new adventure in the Greater Phoenix Area, look no further than Avondale, AZ.  Avondale is now the home of the Richard Petty Driving Experience!  ISM Raceway provides this experience for anywhere from $100-$600, depending on what you are looking for.  Bring your bravery with you.  This racetrack was actually featured on Phoenix local Arie Luyendyks season of The Bachelor.  Even with some publicity, this is still and undiscovered adventure site in Avondale.

This experience is not for the faint of heart.  You will be in an actual race car, on a real race track going real race speeds!  If you are looking to let your hair down and are an adrenaline junky, venture out to Avondale for this heart-pumping ride of your life.

The most popular experience they have to offer is the “Rookie Experience”.  Since most of us have probably never driven on an actual racetrack at phenomenal speeds, this might not be a good first time visit.  An actual NASCAR is provided for you to drive on the track for an 8 minute race around this 1 mile track.  You will be on your own during this option, so you have to consider if you are comfortable with that or not.

If you are too chicken to drive, don’t worry!  You can still have an exciting new experience by choosing to ride along in the passenger seat.  Sit along-side a real NASCAR driver (it probably wont be Arie) and hold on tight while you zoom around the track for 3 adrenaline fueled laps.  Just remember to open your eyes at some point so you don’t miss this exhilarating ride.  There is also a ride along option to double your laps and go for 6 instead of 3.  The driver adds an extra vote of confidence and safety if you prefer not to drive yourself.  The NASCAR ride along is going to be your best bet if you are surprising someone with this activity.

ISM Raceway, formerly know as Phoenix International Raceway holds annual NASCAR events.  Now that it is hosting the Richard Petty Driving Experience it will help put Avondale on the map as far as thrill seeking adventures in Arizona.  Now you can actually drive, or ride along with a driver instead of being a spectator. Gift cards, corporate events and group events are also available.

You can check out the schedule, pricing info, and look for promotions on the Richard Petty Driving Experience website at


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