Dessert Gardens in Carefree, AZ

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Carefree may not seem like a prime destination due to its proximity to Phoenix and Scottsdale.  However, the beautiful Downtown, and the Carefree Desert Gardens make this a favorite Arizona destination.  Carefree Desert Gardens is a hidden gem among the many outdoor activities and venues in AZ.  And best of all, it’s free!  This destination is one of only two Botanical Gardens in in area.  It’s prime Carefree location makes this desert oasis available year round.  Due to the amazing AZ weather, you can visit these gardens any time of year and have a great time.

These gardens consume four acres and offer an amazing site to both locals, and travelers.  Visitors will marvel at the desert plants and flowers, as they are unlike anything you can find outside of the desert.  Guests can take their own walking tour of the Carefree Desert Gardens.  This go-at-your-own-pace attraction is suitable for any age, a solo adventure, or a group stroll.

Vibrant and rare dessert plans are abundant throughout the gardens.  If you are a plant lover, or just a nature enthusiast a visit to Carefree should be on your bucket list.  Close to the gardens you can shop and dine in the boutiques and restaurants in the beautiful downtown area.  If you include these local haunts, you can make a fabulous day trip out of your visit to Carefree.

Garden seminars take place the second Saturday of every single month.  These seminars are donation based, with a suggested $5 donation.  With your donation you will be entered into a plant raffle as well.  The seminars may fill quickly, so plan to arrive a bit before their scheduled time of 9:30 am.

Garden tours are typically free of cost, but certain special events held at Carefree Dessert Gardens may require an entrance fee.  Sights and Sounds in the Garden is an annual event that offers live music and art as you stroll the scene.  Local artists apply to become a part of this event, and it changes up every year.  You can expect the local music to vary.  Anything from jazz to Native American instruments are present so you get to experience the variety of cultures Arizona has to offer.  Live art such as painting, sculpting and sketching are also displayed and you can watch some of the artists work.

Whether you plan on attending an event or doing a walking tour or seminar you won’t be disappointed.  The beauty and diversity of dessert plants is a beautiful site, and a form of nature you can’t see anywhere else!  To learn more or to see a list of upcoming events and seminars please visit



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