Cave Creek Rodeo Days in Cave Creek, AZ

Cave Creek Rodeo Days
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With the hustle and bustle of the Phoenix Metropolis Area just 33 miles away, you may forget about the down and dirty Wild West that makes up a huge part of Arizona.  Cave Creek is a much more spread out, agricultural area that offers a look into the mix of modern and farm town living.  There are still shopping centers and restaurants, but you may have to take some long dirt roads to get to some of the residences there.  Cave Creek residents enjoy a whoopin-wild Western good time, so get out your cowboy boots and prepare for a Rodeo!

Cave Creek Rodeo Days
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One of the main attractions for locals and Rodeo lovers alike is the Cave Creek Rodeo Days.  You might not think of Philanthropy and Rodeo going hand in hand, but Cave Creek Rodeo Days is actually a non-profit.  Rodeo Days is an annual event held every March.  What does the non-profit do with this annual revenue?  Scholarship avenues are supported and Cave Creek Rodeo Days gives back to other charitable causes on a local and state-wide level.

Cave Creek Rodeo Days is quite the event.  There are smaller events within the main event, spanning over a weeks time.  You can attend a parade, a mutton bustin’ event, and a kick off dance to start off the festivities.  The Buffalo Chip is a huge supporter and sponsor of these activities.  Next there is a golf tournament and banquet, so even if you’re not into riding the bull, you can participate in this less wild portion of the week.  A PRCA Rodeo is to follow, which is the main and closing event lasting two days.

One thing to note if you are planning to attend it the “clear bag” policy.  Public safety is increased with this policy, so it is heavily enforced.  Besides a small clutch purse, you have to bring your belongings in a clear bag.

This event takes place heavily due to Volunteers.  Event sponsors, vendors and general volunteers make this non-profit event possible.  If you would like to volunteer you can fill out a form on their website, mentioned at the bottom of this article.  Major sponsors include Wells Fargo, The Buffalo Chip and Harolds Corral.  General volunteers will be chosen and placed on a committee based on your talents, interest and prior experience.  If you are looking to volunteer your time, this event is a unique way to get involved and learn something new.

For more on attending of volunteering for Cave Creek Rodeo Days visit their website at


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