El Mirage Anti-Litter Campaign Sets Example of Clean Green Life

El Mirage Anti-Litter Efforts
Photo Provided by elmirageaz.gov
Photo Provided by elmirageaz.gov

In an order to foster community spirit and to keep the town beautiful, El Mirage AZ has launched a massive anti-litter campaign.  The “Let’s Pick it Up!” campaign, started by the city of El Mirage provides group events and incentives for community members to participate.  These city wide efforts have created awareness and responsibility for El Mirage locals.

We sometimes forget that the simple act of placing trash on public or private property is in fact illegal.  Our youth especially may be littering simply due to lack of awareness or by accident.  El Mirage has launched several sections of the “Let’s Pick it Up!” campaign to help locals understand the importance of a clean city.  Cleaner cities attract better residents and employees, as well as do their part to keep our environment green and clean.  These efforts are taking place in parks, neighborhoods and streets.  Those who participate are eligible to be the monthly photo winner.  The winner gets a photo placed on the El Mirage City website.  Some adorable kiddos pitching in to do their part have won in the past.

The city has also launched a line of “do not litter” t-shirts to raise public awareness of community efforts.  They have gone to great lengths to provide the city with additional red and green trash receptacles as well.

These efforts were started by City Manager, Doctor Spencer A. Isom.  He has also initiated the “Dunking the Junk” challenge for March Madness.  This challenge aims to have locals taking a plastic bag or two out around the neighborhood on trash pickup days.  You simply pick up any loose trash or recyclables in your neighborhood and add them to your trash and recycling bins.  He is setting an example by participating himself.  This challenge also allows participants to send in photos of them in action to be posted in a monthly newsletter.  Additionally, a winner will be selected to win a prize.

Dr. Isom is also launching a “ban the plastic bottles” effort for the month of May.  Plastic water bottles contribute immensely to the litter problem as a whole.  These items are not biodegradable, so leaving them outside guarantees they will stay there until someone else picks them up.  For the month of May (and always) Dr. Isom is challenging El Mirage to be mindful of getting plastic bottles into a recycling bin.  Better yet, you can make the switch to reusable glass water bottles that can last a lifetime if taken care of properly.

To participate in these anti-litter efforts please visit https://www.elmirageaz.gov/1734/Anti-Litter-Campaign


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