Gila Bend AZ Will Never Forget 9/11

Gila Bend AZ Will Never Forget 9/11
Gila Bend AZ Will Never Forget 9/11
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September 11, 2001.  Those of us who were alive that year will never forget the devastation of this day in history.  Two out of four suspected terrorist hijacked planes were flown into the Twin Towers in New York City.  A third plane hit the Pentagon, and the fourth crashed in a field in Pennsylvania.  Although Gila Bend, AZ was far from any of this destruction, residents still remember this day and have dedicated a park to its Memorial.

In the center of the 9/11 Memorial park in Gila Bend, there is an actual steel beam from the wreckage in the World Trace Center Twin Towers.  This artifact was recovered from Ground Zero after the attacks.  It measures almost 12 feet high and weighs 4,000 pounds! The park was built in remembrance of the nearly 3,000 people who were killed on that day.  It offers a place for Gila Bend locals and visitors to sit and reflect.

The serene park also includes a shallow reflection pool with waterfalls, offering peace and beauty to this outdoor landmark.  The park is also adorned with a beautiful collection of flags: The Arizona State Flag, a United States Flag, a Gila Bend Fire Dept. Flag, and a POW-MIA flag.  Sitting at the park, watching the flags blow in the breeze and seeing the reflection of the pool offer serenity and quiet to visitors.

The park was updated 2 years ago, and upkeep of the Memorial site is quite important to the town of Gila Bend.  This destination offers seating, picnic tables and newly added shaded areas for those hot Arizona days.  This is a beautiful place to visit to remember those who lost their lives, and those who fought to save the thousands of innocent victims involved in this horrible attack.

Gila Bend holds an annual 9/11 ceremony every year to honor those who were lost.  Emergency responders are also honored and remembered on this day.  The local fire department flag raised high shows the love and appreciation this town has for its local heroes as well.

This park offers a stunning outdoor space for picnics and families.  Locals do prefer to keep this park a quiet space as to honor its meaning, but it’s definitely work the visit if you are in the area.  Keeping the memories alive of those we lost, wether they were loved ones or strangers is important to the city of Gila Bend.  To learn more about this Memorial, or for event information please visit


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