Mesa AZ, Home of the AZ Museum of Natural History

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Out of all the Natural History Museums out there, the AZ Museum of Natural History in Mesa is one of the coolest, by far.  It even has a giant dinosaur busting through the wall as you drive up… you can’t miss it!  This museum has so much to offer.  Among the favorites are; a dinosaur hall and dinosaur mountain, a Paleo dig pit, an Arizona Through Time exhibit, archaeology and geology exhibits, art collections and more!

Keep in mind the museum is closed every Monday.  Admission is very reasonable at $12 per adult, $7 per child and children under 2 years old are free.  Private groups and school field trips are welcome.  If your kiddo is a big dinosaur fan, the museum offers “Dino-Mite” Birthday parties as well.  The kiddos get a craft to do and bring home, and the parents get the help of a friendly staff to co-host the festivities.

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One of the most well known attractions of the AZ Museum of Natural History is Dinosaur Mountain.  These make-believe dinosaurs look like their originals and even move and roar.  There is a pond at the bottom of the mountain, featuring historic water animals around the pond.  The top of the mountain even has two modern day animals… a black bear and a big horned sheep.  Dinosaur Mountain is fascinating for both kids and adults.  Every 23 minutes you get to see a three story flash flood recreation as well.

Your younger kiddos may enjoy the Exploration Station.  This is an area dedicated to arts, crafts and activities that teach the kids more about Dinosaurs and paleontology.  Kids can even dig in the sand for tiny dinosaur bones, just like a real Paleontologist.  They can also create their own dinosaurs at the art table, or weigh dinosaurs at a weigh station.

For an Arizona history lesson, take a stroll in the Arizona Through Time exhibit.  This exhibit showcases AZ history from 4.5 billion to 65 million years ago!  You will see developments from origins of the very first rock and mineral formations all the way to the first reptile-like animals that roamed in ancient AZ.  There are live displays, screens, and real dinosaur bones and skulls! You can also discover displays of petrified forest and wetlands.  These displays are some of the most fascinating for any age, so don’t skip this exhibit!

The museum also has membership and volunteer opportunities.  To learn more information or plan you visit to the AZ Museum of Natural History in Mesa, please visit their website at



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