Castle Hot Springs Resort, Morristown AZ Re-Opens

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It’s been a surprising re-launch for Castle Hot Springs Resort!  This remote destination has been out of service for over 40 years!  Even though the resort has been restored, it hasn’t lost its original luster.  What attracted people like the Rockefellers over five decades ago was the remote destination, seemingly in the middle of nowhere.  This resort offers maximum privacy as well as peace and quiet!  Even though some additions have been made to the resort, it still holds its tranquil smallness.  Owners still don’t provide televisions in the rooms, as to promote the allure of being able to unplug.

The original resort was burned down in 1976.  That fire was the end of the resort until re-opening four decades later.  In the renovation, however, the owners were able to restore some of the original buildings, marrying old and new to create Castle Hot Springs 2.0.

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Located in Morristown AZ, the Castle Hot Springs Resort is nestled at the bottom of the Bradshaw Mountains.  It now offers 29 cottages and cabins.  The resort has also added an upscale restaurants for guests to enjoy.  A multi-million dollar restoration took place in order for this resort to open and operate at it’s current level.  The grounds now feature lush gardens and a stream that flows through the middle of the property.

So what about the hot springs?  Yes, Castle Hot Springs was named after its surrounding natural phenomenon, the hot spring.  If you haven’t been to a hot spring before, add it to your list!  These healing small pools of water are like hot tubs created by Mother Earth.  Health benefits of natural hot springs include increased blood circulation, stress reduction, improved sleep, pain relief and healing of skin problems.  The grounds of the Castle Hot Springs resort feature 110 degree hot springs, as well as a pool and man made lake that utilizes the same water from the springs!

Although this destination offers much beauty, it isn’t easy on the wallet.  Cabins will run you upwards of $1,200 per night.  The larger 1200 square foot, 3 bedroom cottage starts at $2,000 per night.  That being said, the cabins and cottages aren’t priced this way for nothing.  Some rooms feature an indoor-outdoor fireplace, and some of the rooms even feature their own hot tubs with water from the hot springs.  Grounds now also feature a massive garden, and a brand new restaurant with an amazing seasonal menu. Rates also include all meals, and dinner is usually a fabulous four-course meal.

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