Western Offroad Adventures in New River AZ

Photo courtesy: westernoffroad.net

Have you ever wanted to go off-roading in an All Terrain Vehicle but do not have access or knowledge of where to begin?  Have no fear, Western Offroad Adventures are here!  Since 2016 Western Offroad Adventures has been serving New River and surrounding areas in both guided and unguided ATV tours.  The owner of this company has been hitting the trails since he could walk, so you are in good hands!

Photo courtesy: westernoffroad.net

Adventure seekers and outdoor activity lovers, this is the place for you.  This company offers several different ATVs to choose from.  If you are like me and would never know where to start I would recommend a guided tour.  If you are advanced in this activity, perhaps a non-guided tour, half day, or full day vehicle rental are up your alley.  These rental fees start at about $250 and go up from there, but there are a lot of perks included.  Some of the perks are no fuel fees for half or full day rentals, no cleaning fee, plus helmets goggles and water is all provided for you.  During warmer months a cooler with ice is also added.  In addition to all of that, if you do prefer a guided tour you get the same rate… you don’t have to pay extra to have a guide.

If you are looking for an adventurous getaway, Western Offroad Adventures even offers overnight excursions.  One of these excursions offers a trip to Prescott and back, with an overnight stay.  On this trip you will be passing through the historic mountains of Crown King.  You travel along an old mining route and spend the night on Whiskey Row is the historic downtown district of Prescott.

Another excursion offers you a trip to Crown King, including stops to mines, waterfalls, saloons and more advanced trails.  The historic saloon is still active, intact with it’s old-timey Western charm.  It services a full bar as well as food.  It is equipped with rooms upstairs.  There are also different cabins to choose from in the surrounding area for larger groups or more privacy.  You can also choose to set up camp in the forest of the Bradshaw Mountains.  This getaway is the ultimate outdoorsman dream!

Western Offroad Adventures has great online reviews as well as a discount for first responders/ public service workers.  A 10% discount applies for police officers, fireman, EMTs, and Military folks.  To learn more about these adventures please visit http://www.westernoffroad.net/home.html


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