Paradise Valley AZ Seeks Quality of Life Initiatives

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This past January, Paradise Valley held a Town Council to announce possible Quality of Life Initiatives to keep this city in fact a Paradise.  These initiatives will be a main focus over the next 12 months for the Mayor and other Council Members in an attempt to enhance the lives of PV residents.  Paradise Valley is a prime location in the greater Phoenix area.  With its beautiful spread out residences and vast natural Southwestern landscape it is one of the most sought after areas to live in.

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PV offers a prime location smack dab in the middle of Central Phoenix and Scottsdale.  Living in Paradise Vally affords you the ability to go home to a quiet tucked away life, yet have easy access to the hustle and bustle of Phoenix and Scottsdale areas.  The cost of a home in PV reflects its luxuries, and the town would like to keep it that way by improving some of these quality of life initiatives.

One of the main areas of focus PV is looking into is the growing popularity of short term vacation rentals of residential homes.  With websites like Airbnb on the rise, AZ has become a hot spot on the map.  Being home to Spring Training, and many large golf tournaments makes Arizona a popular destination.  Hotels raise prices and fill up far in advance.  People caught onto this and have temporarily moved out of their homes to offer them as rentals during these events that lend to sky-high pricing.  Paradise Valley’s prime location and extreme beauty make these rentals move like hot cakes!

But what about the issues that come along with allowing strangers in your home while you vacate?  Not everyone treats your home as if it’s their own, unfortunately.  Loud parties, trash, undisclosed events, parking issues, and unwanted guests of the vacationers can be problematic for the neighborhood.  Paradise Valley is now looking into, and may be initiating new regulations in order to maintain the peaceful quality of life it’s know for.

Another issues at hand is that private and charter schools aren’t given the same allotments to lower and post speed limits at their schools.  This causes a lack of school zones for children of young ages to safely get to and from school in the same way that their public school friends can.  PV Advisory Committee is looking into a process to change this.

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