20 Year Old Faces Manslaughter Phoenix AZ

Photo courtesy: 12news.com

After a pedestrian hit and run Tuesday night, 20 year old Zachary Showers was arrested.  Showers is behind bars, with no bond.  After drinking beer with his friends, Showers proceeded to drive and as a result of this poor decision, a man is now dead.  Showers lost control of his vehicle Tuesday night and drove up onto a sidewalk.  Unfortunately, 35 year old Thomas Taraba and one additional person were walking on the sidewalk at the time.  Taraba was said to be launched 75 feet as a result of the impact.  The other person luckily was not struck by the vehicle.

Photo courtesy: 12news.com

The hit and run happened on the sidewalk along McDowell Road near 37th Street.  Tabara was taken to the hospital after being struck, but later died.  Zachary Showers kept driving after hitting the man and stopped to park his Chevy Aveo at an apartment complex near McDowell Road and 43rd Street.  Showers then returned to the scene of the accident and asked officers about the incident.  He revealed that he had been driving along the street, but claims that he drove up onto the sidewalk as a result of a flat tire and denied hitting anyone to the officers.  Showers seemed impaired at the time.

After several sobriety tests Showers displayed a blood alcohol level of .154, which is almost twice the legal limit in the state of Arizona.  A bumper as well as some headlight scraps were also found near the scene at 42nd Street, and not surprisingly they matched Showers vehicle.

This is not Showers first encounter with the law.  When he hit the man he was out on bond for several other charges including kidnapping, first-degree burglary, and aggravated assault.  He will now be held on a count of manslaughter, leaving the scene of a fatal collision, and endangerment.  The penalty for manslaughter in the state of Arizona can range from 7-21 years in prison.  With the additional charges this could be a heavier sentence.  Leaving the scene of a fatal accident is considered a class-2 felony in Arizona and comes with serious consequences.

Arizona is a no-tolerance state, meaning you can be arrested even if you are under the legal limit of 0.08 percent if you are showing signs of impairment.  The more serious the DUI, the more financial consequences and jail time you will face.  These strict laws are in place to avoid situations like this.  To see court documents for this case, please visit https://www.azfamily.com/news/pd-drunk-driver-hits-and-kills-man-on-sidewalk-in/article_83367112-66e9-11e9-aac4-0b8c4919cee5.html


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