Maricopa County Pays $900,000 for Lake Pleasant Project

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Lake Pleasant, a short 35 miles or so from Phoenix, is a local favorite.  Lakeside camping, boating, water sports… this lake has it all.  This is the largest lake in the Phoenix area, therefore, accommodates a lot of Phoenicians.  It’s a great Spring and Summer time spot, and serves as an easy day trip or weekend getaway.  With over 10,000 acres of lake and 116 miles of shoreline, it’s no wonder that Maricopa county is paying attention to this Phoenix hot spot.

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Maricopa County, along with the Arizona Department of Game and Fish are planning to create a new dock and boat house at Lake Pleasant.  This location will be on the Scorpion Bay Marina.  The Maricopa County Board of Supervisors has already given approval for plans associated with the dock and boat house at the Regional Park this past Wednesday.  Plans estimate a cost of almost $900,000 in developments.

With so many people visiting Lake Pleasant, the county feels the dock and boat house will provide more safety and structure.  However, these additions are only for the use of the Game and Fish Department, Parks and Recreation, and Sheriffs office as they manage Pleasant.  The city began to notice some unfavorable activities and narrowed most of them to the Scorpion Bay Marina area of the lake.  There were a lot of DUI’s coming from this area, which is in the public eye.  Visitors of the lake are turned off by the overconsumption and related behavior associated with such.  The new dock will serve as a location for those with authority to keep an eye on things.

Each year, the number of people who visit Lake Pleasant increases.  With these increases in visitor population, the need for increases in public safety precautions ensue.  The development of the dock and boat house is a major measure being taken to increase such precautions.

The construction process has not yet begun for this project.  Several construction companies are placing their bids on this development, and until the city chooses its team, construction cannot commence.  Once a team is chosen, a timeline will be formed.  Lake Pleasant is open 24 hours a day, 365 days a year so establishing a home base for public safety officials isn’t such a bad idea.  Hopefully the presence of the new dock and boat house will serve as a reminder to obey the law, stay safe, and also provide a sense of safety for visitors who are there for some good clean fun!

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