Phoenix Redevelops Park Central

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Park Central Mall is said to be Phoenix’s first mall.  However, businesses and tenants cleared out for the most part in the 1990s.  With Central Phoenix growing in popularity with a brand new scene of luxury apartments, hip restaurants and great office locations Park Central’s renovation makes a lot of sense.

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Several attempts have been made over the years to purchase and renew Park Central, but various difficulties held up these attempts until now.  The redeveloped mall went from a one and two story mall to a tower housing a brand new medical school.  The development will also include a new apartment tower, additional parking structures, an art center headed by Art Link, and plenty of meeting spaces.  The new, modern entrance structure alone attracts the eye and welcomes curiosity.

Former tenants such as Fired Pie, Thai Basil, Starbucks and more will still be in the mall and were open during renovations.  Night life tenant, Kobalt karaoke bar stayed in Park Central, but moved North in the shopping center and got a brand new look.  Park Central is a great alternative to more congested areas in Phoenix due to its proximity to the light rail stop, and it’s ample parking.  It’s also in very close walking distance to both new and old high rise apartment and office towers.

Part of this development was the temporary library, opened in 2018.  This new library replaced the old Burton Barr Central library which was flooded.  Much of park central remained as offices after the department stores slowly went out of business over the years.  The “Front Porch” outdoor dining area of Park Central just opened and is predicted to be a major draw to this area.

New business owners are very excited to be a part of this up-and-coming area, central to Phoenix residents.  This area is convenient to Downtown Phoenix, Arcadia, North Phoenix and Glendale.  The “new” Park Central is honoring the history of this 57 acre space by naming the buildings after the families involved in the first development of this mall.  All renovations are due to be wrapped up by the end of this year, with the Creighton Medical School opening by 2021.

Not only are new businesses opening in Park Central, but savvy entrepreneurs are are scoping out and snagging up open retail spaces across the street on the other side of Central.  With all the new apartment buildings, restaurants and businesses in this area, Central Phoenix will be bustling with new energy by the end of 2019.  For more on Park Central, visit their website at


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