Seasonal Rotations of Critters in Phoenix AZ

Photo courtesy: wikipedia

Considering moving to Phoenix?  Many people consider relocating to Phoenix due to its warm winters, lower cost of living, and beautiful landscape.  Among the downsides to consider are the blazing hot summer months, traffic, and wide-spread nature.  But nobody warns you about the seasonal rotation of the weirdest bugs and other tiny creatures that you will ever see.

Let’s start with the scorpion, the most famous Phoenix villain.  Most people who have lived in AZ have had a least a run-in or two with these little monsters.  They are present year round, although seem to disappear during winter months.  Don’t let them fool you, they are hiding in the tree bark!  These little critters are mobile and can move fast so be careful if you see one in your home.  The best option is to cover with a bowl or cup until a professional exterminator can remove this bug from your home.  The best ways to keep them out in the first place are diatomaceous earth, outdoor cats, and lavender plants or oils.  Keep in mind they love a moist, hot environment like your dishwasher!  To learn more ways to get rid of these scary scorpions visit

Next, we must visit the Palo Verde Beetle.  This guy is my favorite, because they are just so weird.  They show up every summer in Phoenix when the Monsoon Season is approaching, as it is their favorite time of year.  These things look like giant cockroaches in high heels (they have much longer legs).  People often think they are large roaches until they realize that they can fly and that they have long antennae.  They live underground and only surface to find a partner and mate.  After this transaction is complete they go back to the tree roots from which they came and die.  Your first experience with this beetle may be it flying into your head.  They can fly, but they do so very awkwardly.  You will see a lot of them choosing to walk, however they give it their all in flight, they just cant seem to see where they are going too well.  Watch out!  Don’t worry though, they are harmless to you and your pets.  For more info go to

Photo courtesy: wikipedia

The critter I am most excited to see every year is the Mediterranean Gecko.  These are tiny pink or peach lizards with speckles that come to chill out in your back yard in the summer.  They like to have lots of babies so you may find even the tiniest of the little lizards on your walls outside.  The gecko is harmless, and even a joy to have around because they eat all the bugs in your yard.  They respect you and want you to respect them.  You can get close enough to look, but don’t touch.  These critters are very resilient.  You may think one is injured beyond repair but don’t do anything just yet.  They know how to “play dead”.  If you can move a hurt gecko to a more private area and check on it later it will most likely be gone as it has recovered and gone back to it’s little life.  For more on these little guys visit

Last but not least… Carpenter Bees.  Some are black and some are gold but these things are giant!  They are the largest native bees in the US, so you can’t miss them!  These guys buzz around large trees, in large swarms in the Phoenix summer months.  Myth has it that they do not sting, but this is false!  The female (black) bees do sting, and it’s very painful! They aren’t afraid to fly close so don’t be surprised if they zoom past you like you don’t exist.  To learn more about these bees visit


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