Two Restaurants Close in The Colony, Phoenix

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I just discovered Pure Sushi last summer.  After The Colony was built, housing Stock and Stable, Bevvy, Pure Sushi and other restaurants and shops, I frequented this shopping center as it is very close to home.  Pure Sushi became my go-to for my sushi fix because of the lovely staff, great cocktails and of course, amazing sushi!  Once I tried Pure, I never looked further for Sushi Restaurants in the area.

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It was also my go-to for out of town visitors.  In 110 degrees, Sushi is a great meal so I would suggest this to anyone visiting me during summer months.  Yesterday was no different, I had a friend visiting from out of state so I suggested we meet at Pure Sushi.  You can imagine my surprise when I saw a notice on the door.  Regretfully, the restaurant had closed.  I opened the door anyway, because I’m nosey and I also didn’t read the notice long enough to see the close date.  Sure enough there was a team there clearing out the furniture.

Once my friend arrived I informed him of my mistake in not realizing the restaurant had closed.  I suggested we try Farm & Craft, also in The Colony.  I had never been but always admired the restaurants decor and style factor.  Walking up to Farm & Craft I see another notice!  They had been closed for a while, the restaurant had been cleared out.

The last time I was at The Colony was just about three months ago, and both restaurants were open.  The restaurant websites do not reflect that these businesses have closed.  As a business owner in Phoenix you can imagine my heart break for these establishments, especially the owners.  I can’t help but ask myself “What went wrong?” The Colony just opened three years ago.  It saddens me that quality businesses in my area aren’t making it.  As a consumer, I want to support my local favorites as much as possible, but I also enjoy trying new places.  As a whole, we just have to remember to support small businesses owned by, or employing our friends and family.

We have many choices as consumers.  It’s important to make choices that not only satisfy us, but keep our local economy intact.  I’m not sure what’s to come next for The Colony, but I will make an effort to support new businesses in my area.  To learn more about existing restaurants in The Colony please visit and



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