Rio Verde AZ Becomes Younger

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Rio Verde Arizona, just south of Scottsdale is an upscale community know for the retired and well-to-do country clubbers that wish for a suburban life.  With the median age close to 73, you typically don’t pass by many millennials.  But the population has grown nearly 30% in the last two decades, and of those new residents the ages are getting younger.  The older generation doesn’t seem to mind as the town historian, Bob Mason says, ” they are cut from the same cloth, and that speaks well for the community”, of this younger neighbors moving in.  (Full article found here )

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Why the sudden influx of younger generations interested in a slower paced community?  Simply put, if they have the money it is worth it.  Young families with dual income transplanting from smaller towns are looking for places that provide the same community support and interaction.  Residents of all ages enjoy the Rio Verde Country Club for its activities galore! Golfing, horseback riding clubs, fitness, social activities, sports, swimming and art displays are just some of the perks offered here.

Another attraction to Rio Verde is the golf scene.  Due to social media sites such as instagram, golf has become cool again to the millennials.  It’s a symbol of wealth and leisure, which attracts social media influencers selling a lifestyle.  The great Phoenix area in general is big on golf… but Rio Verde has unbeatable courses and they are far less crowded.

Another thing to consider is that millennials are now offered high salary jobs in the fields of technology, marketing, social media and other future-forward industries where the education and job openings lacked for older generations.  These tech savvy twenty-somethings are starting families of their own and looking for nicer areas to reside in.  Rio Verde is a beautiful and very attractive option for those working in the Phoenix area.  It’s also close enough to Scottsdale to still dip your toe into the nightlife once in a while or go to a larger shopping mall.

Rio Verde is still attracting wealthier residents.  The average house value is closer to $600,000 vs. the $200,000 average value in Phoenix.  Those who pay much more for houses usually have the income to hire professionals to maintain these houses, and of course a higher HOA fee keeping neighborhoods beautiful.  As long as this younger crowd upholds the Rio Verde community standards, they are going to be very welcomed here.

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