Sun City Resident Sets Fires After Eviction

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As human beings one of our biggest nightmares is a home fire.  Sometimes simple acts like cooking a family meal or burning candles can ignite a flame that gets out of control.  We are trained as early as Elementary School what to do in case of fire, but in the moment we wonder how we would respond.  The U.S. Fire administration states that close to 50% of home fires are caused by cooking.  And only around 6% are caused by things we cannot control such as electrical malfunction.  But what about intentional fires?  Arson contributes only about 4% to home fires.  We all hope that nobody will ever intentionally set fire to our homes.  But what about the people who set fire to their own homes, on purpose?  What would lead to this strange behavior?  Sun City, Arizona has recently been asking this question after not one, but two fires were started in a Condo in the area.

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On February 18 The Sun City Fire and Medical Department responded to a fire just after 1:00 pm.  The firemen were able to contain this fire, and believe that it started as a trash can fire.  You can imagine their surprise when the second fire was reported around 6:30 pm in the same condo unit on the same day! Investigations were still ongoing the next day, and it could not be confirmed that this was arson vs. two accidental fires in one day.  There have been reports, however that the units resident has been in the process of eviction.  Management at the condominiums have been trying to seek help as they question the mental health of this particular resident.

During the second fire, Sun City Fire Department had to seek help from surrounding departments.  Assistance from Peoria, Glendale, Surprise and El Mirage was utilized to contain this fire.  The fire was contained without spreading to any other units, however, smoke damage did occur to a neighboring condo.  Still other neighbors were also evacuated during the containment of the flames.

The resident of the unit had made threats to the condominium association and a few neighbors.  Prior to the fire she has written on the walls and appliances of her unit.  She was also nearby watching the scene of the crime as the fire department handled the deadly situation.  The police had recently been called to this home over 10 times to handle other troublesome situations caused by this resident.  She has been arrested after setting fire to her home and will have to face the charges of arson and possibly other charges as well.

To see what the Sun City Fire and Medical Department has to say about this alarming event you can visit their facebook page at


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