Surprise AZ Seeks Input for Downtown Development

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Over the past decade, cities in Maricopa County have taken an initiative to build and restore their downtown areas.  Since most of Maricopa County is made up of suburbs, the interest in more urban development has been on the rise to create the concept of city living.  Surprise AZ is the latest city to adopt this trend and build out a downtown area to work, live, dine and play.  They are implementing one major difference… residents of Surprise are all invited to come share their input.

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This month, there will be a City Center input session open to the general public so long as they are residents of Surprise.  This meeting will be hosted by Surprise Center Development, and lead by Patrick Duffy, the districts council member representative.  The developers are including the opinions and preferences of its residents to ensure that the City Center meets the desires of the locals.  After the City Center discussion, Duffy will be hosting a Q&A as well.

Surprise AZ is more of an agricultural town, about 40 minutes outside of Phoenix, AZ.  If you are looking for slower paced living, or if you own horses or other farm animals this is a great choice of location.  It’s a slower paced city that provides for acreage for those that need more space.  For a downtown experience most locals are driving to nearby downtown Wickenburg.  Building a City Center in Surprise will bring a little piece of a more urban feel to this primarily suburban area.

Local business leaders in Surprise have been meeting to collaborate for months now.  Locals have always been invited in these discussions to help build the ideas that will soon come to fruition for the 500+ acres of land that will soon become the Surprise City Center.  Options for the center include urban living, dining, shopping, office spaces and more.  This will be one of the largest downtown projects to be built out in the last decade.  Following the lead of the downtown revival in Phoenix, Surprise is looking forward to building this new downtown area.  They are excited about the economic growth opportunities that the project will bring to light.

If you are a Surprise local and are interested in learning more or offering input this is the opportunity to do so.  The meeting will be held March 21 at 6:00 pm and the Larry H. Miller Chrysler Jeep Dodge Ram car dealership in Surprise.  For more details please visit


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