Wickenburg First Responders Save Man and Dog from Hassayampa

Photo Courtesy: Wikenburgsun.com

This Winter, Arizona has seen an incredible amount of rainfall!  As the sun bathers and outdoorsmen aren’t used to so many rainy days, they have all had to adapt to doing less outside.  Since the recent emergence of Spring, AZ dwellers have been all too excited to savor the nice warm days after the rain and before the blazing hot days of Summer.

Wickenburg AZ is no exception… all of Maricopa County has been hit with what seems like 10 times more rain than normal.  A Wickenburg local, Nicolas Berry was ready to spend some time outdoors himself.  As a massage therapist, Nicolas does in-home treatments for his clients.  Wednesday, March 13 he had a client scheduled so he decided to strap a canoe onto his truck, make his way to his clients residence and then get some time out in the sun.  His doggie companion, Hank, also came along for the adventure.

Photo Courtesy: Wikenburgsun.com

As Nicolas reached where the Hassayampa River meets the road he noticed that the river was crossing the road not once but twice!  Due to all the extra rain, this river had swollen a bit.  Nicolas took a moment to see what other cars were doing to cross the river.  He saw two other vehicles cross with what looked like ease, so he proceeded to do the same.  The first cross was a piece of cake.  The second cross proved to be a bit more difficult.  It was so difficult in fact that Nicolas got stuck!  Even though he has a truck, the river trapped the vehicle in and seems to be going at a more rapid pace than anticipated.

Nicolas did all the right things.  He called Wickenburg police right away.  Once water started to enter the vehicle he climbed out and got himself and his pup to safety.  Luckily the canoe had been strapped atop the truck, so Nicolas and Hank had a place to hang out, and had some life vests!  Upon arrival police were certain they had enough time to get the fire dept. there and get Nicolas and his dog to safety.  Sure enough, this awesome team of first responders first got Hank to safety, followed by his best friend Nicolas.

Next time you are trapped and the waters are rushing in, literally or figuratively, remember Nicolas’ plan of action… stay calm, make sure your loved ones are safe and ask for help.  To see the full article in the Wickenburg Sun, please visit http://www.wickenburgsun.com/


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