Murder Suspect Still Not Found in Wittmann AZ

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Close to one month ago, authorities in Wittmann, AZ were called by a man stating that someone had been shot on his property.  Upon arrival, police discovered the gun shot victim, who tragically had already died before they could provide help.  The victim was identified as Jhonathan Calderon.  He was shot multiple times before passing, so there was not hope for him to survive as paramedics arrived.  Calderon was only twenty seven years old at the time of his fatal attack.

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Upon interviewing several sources, police believe Israel Vargas-Alvarez to be the shooter.  Vargas-Alvarez is a 40 year old male, and so far it is vague as to why police identify him as the culprit.  Without much public information released, it’s difficult to determine the connection between victim and shooter, let alone a motive or reason as to why this incident occurred.  Though this crime took place one month ago, authorities are still seeking help in located the suspected gunman.  The Maricopa County Sheriffs office is still on the look for this man, and is seeking assistance on the whereabouts of the shooter, or any other information.  He is about 5 feet, 7 inches and roughly 160 pounds.  If you do have any information, please call Maricopa County Sheriffs Department at  602-876-1011 or 602-876-TIPS.

The story remains a bit fuzzy as the original caller told the 911 operator someone had been hit by a car.  Minutes later on that phone call the caller changed their story, stating that a man had been shot.  It is possible that the caller saw blood and wounds at first and assumed the victim was hit by a vehicle.  The victim may have still been coherent enough to correct the caller and state that he had been shot, but conflicting information makes it difficult to know exactly how the phone call went.

Whatever the truth of the matter is, the outcome remains the same.  Calderon was pronounced dead at the scene and homicide detectives have now taken on the investigation.  A month later, no new news has been released on the whereabouts of Vargas-Alvarez.  The suspect is still not in police custody, which makes this a dangerous situation.  If he is in fact the shooter, we know he is possibly armed and has committed acts of violence.  For the original story please visit

If you think you may have seen this man, or have any additional information please contact the phone number for MCSO listed above.






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