The Movie Industry Helps the Aids Health Foundation

The Movie Industry Helps the Aids Health Foundation
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By May of 2019 the residents of Los Angeles County should begin to notice the appearance of some new billboards. Now, since the movie industry frequently uses billboards to announce coming films, it seems likely that most residents will expect the newer signs to offer details on yet another movie. Indeed, the image on each billboard will look a great deal like a creature from some type of science fiction adventure.

The Movie Industry Helps the Aids Health Foundation
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Yet that image will actually depict what a scientist sees when using a microscope to view a bacterium of the strain that has been classified as Neisseria gonorrhoeae. The Aids Foundation has paid for each billboard, in an effort to alert the public to information on one adaptation that has developed within that particular strain. That adaptation causes that same strain to be resistant to antibiotics.

The Foundation wants to put a stop to the spread of the hard-to-fight infections that have been caused by such a strain. Hence, it has utilized the huge signs, in hopes of getting more young adults to take advantage of the available free testing and care. Access to those free services can be obtained by those young people that have come to rely on the Internet. Anyone that clicks onto can take advantage of those same free services.

Statistics indicate that the incidence of gonorrhea is highest among teens and young adults. Yet 8 out of 10 infected women never show any symptoms. Unfortunately, a non-symptomatic woman can still spread this one particular STI (sex transmitted infection).  Moreover, once an infected adult has been cured, he or she fails to exhibit any evidence of immunity to the disease caused by N. gonorrhoeae.

The Foundation plans to launch its campaign against the new strain in Los Angeles County. Of course, experts on STIs realize that such diseases exist in regions across the United States. Later, the Foundation’s workers will take the new campaign to spots outside of LA. Yet the expanded campaign will not rely on large signs with the bacterium’s image.

Instead, that seemingly out-of-this-world image will appear on items that are less familiar to a large number of the residents of Los Angeles. Those are items such as the street furniture in transit shelters, along with the backs of bus benches. In addition, the Foundation’s enlarged image of the bacterium will start showing up on the transit station platforms along railroad tracks and along various bus routes.



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