Poppy ‘Super Blooms’: Tens of Thousands Descend on Lake Elsinore Mountainsides

Poppy ‘Super Blooms’
Credit: Mendy Perlman

This weekend, tens of thousands of Californians are traveling to sleepy Lake Elsinore from Los Angeles, Orange and San Diego counties to see the rare California poppy ‘super blooms’. Radiant hillsides are blanketed in bright orange, purple & yellow flowers in a magnificent display of natural wonder.

“This is the same area that was hit hard this year during the Holy Fire and ensuing floods that came afterwards. If you recall, the last few months have brought debris flows pouring down the mountainsides after the Holy Fire”, says Mendy Perlman, a Lake Elsinore resident. “We welcome the abundant rains this year. The hillsides are finally green. This ‘super bloom’ is just a bonus. The hills are alive again!”

Of course, he was referring to the flooding which was documented by the City of Lake Elsinore.

What caused this ‘super bloom’?

The largest factor at play is the higher than normal rainfall totals. While 2018 was the wettest year on record for many cities on the east coast, the 2017-2018 Lake Elsinore rainy season only brought 4.91”. When comparing that to the annual average of 10.60”, this year’s total Lake Elsinore rainfall was already over 12”.


If you are coming down from Los Angeles and neighboring cities to the north: take the 15 S to Lake Street, make a left once you exit the freeway.

If you are coming north from Temecula or San Diego: take the 15 N to Lake Street, exit right.

If you are coming in from Orange County: take the CA-74 E/Ortega Hwy to Grand Ave, Make a slight left to remain on Grand Ave, Grand Ave becomes Lake Street. Follow Lake Street until it dead ends, just passed the 15 freeway.

Sources: usclimatedata.com, weather.com, lake-elsinore.org


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