Democrats Increasing Calls to Impeach Trump After Mueller Speaks on Russian Probe

Democrats Increasing Calls to Impeach Trump after Mueller Speaks on Russian Probe
Robert Mueller Speaks on Russia Investigation at Press Conference - Credit: NowThis News via YouTube

Full Mueller Speech

Following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s statement on Wednesday regarding his findings during the Russia investigation, along with the closing of his office, prime voices in the Democratic Party are calling for his impeachment.

Mueller’s statement included mentioning that his report did not exonerate the President in regards to obstruction of justice, displeasing many Democrat presidential hopefuls for 2020. There are numerous senators calling for Trump’s impeachment posthaste, claiming that they have a moral and legal obligations to do so.

As for Mueller and his statement, he claimed it would be unconstitutional to accuse a president of a crime, and that he wouldn’t accuse anyone of a crime if they were unable to defend themselves in a court proceeding. That said, he also claimed that he wasn’t able to exonerate the president in regards to obstruction of justice. Unfortunately, that statement is equivalent to a condemnation to some, with some senators even seeing it as ‘an impeachment referral.’

House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler stated that Congress would respond to the situation, as he and his committee would be heavily involved in any impeachment attempt. With a statement of “No one, not even the President of the United States, is above the law,” it seems that he too is convinced that President Trump is deserving of impeachment.

On the other side of things, many Republican politicians claim the opposite, saying that Mueller’s lack of conclusive evidence of criminal activity in regards to President Trump means there is no grounds for impeachment, and that it’s time for the nation to move on from this conspiracy about collusion with Russia.

It’s clear that two sides exist on this debate, but it’s unclear who has the right judgment; and it isn’t helped by Mueller’s vague report. How can he claim that there isn’t enough evidence to convict the president while also saying that he hasn’t been exonerated? It certainly seems a little misleading. That said, it’s unclear what is going to happen at this time. Many Democrats are pushing for impeachment, while many Republicans are saying this is uncalled for. Of course there are exceptions and outliers on both sides, but these are the general lines that have been drawn.

If there isn’t enough evidence to convict Trump of a crime, than an impeachment attempt is a waste of time. But if he is guilty, our government is obligated to do exactly that. Only time will tell how the situation will unfold from here, and how that will affect the 2020 election.


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