Sen. Amy Klobuchar and Margaret Brennan discussed President Donald Trump’s meeting with Kim Jong Un that day. Trump is the first president to step into North Korea.

Of Trump’s visit, Klobuchar told Brennan that presidents have to talk to everyone when it’s about a country’s security, but Trump keeps having these summits and meetings that don’t produce anything. “There’s been a number of them now and this time, you know, you just can’t look at this as going over and talking to your dictator next door and bringing them a hot dish over the fence,” Klobuchar told Face the Nation. “There’s a lot more. And what this is about is making sure that there are measurable results, that we have a plan when we go in there and we just haven’t seen that.”

Klobuchar told Face the Nation in May the world saw North Korea fire a missile into the sea and in violation of the U.N. resolution. “To me, you need to have a plan to denuclearize that peninsula or at least reduce those weapons immediately, and I just don’t see that happening yet,” Klobuchar said on Face the Nation.

Trump stepped across the demarcation line June 30 to meet with Chairman Kim Jong Un to continue talks about North Korea’s nuclear testing and other issues. Trump tweeted, “Leaving South Korea after a wonderful meeting with Chairman Kim Jong Un. Stood on the soil of North Korea, an important statement for all, and a great honor!”

He left North Korea after a four day visit to Asia. During his visit with Kim, Trump said this was a very historic meeting. “We were just saying — one of the folks from the media was saying this could to be a very historic moment, and I guess that’s what it is,” Trump said.“But I enjoyed being with you, and thank you very much.”

Klobuchar told Face the Nation that more measurable actions need to be taken rather than just meeting after meeting. She also told Face the Nation she would not recognize North Korea as a nuclear power. “What I’m saying is you need to have steps and measures,” Klobuchar told Face the Nation. “And you would start there and have dates and times and have a focus and you have a plan. But that is not what (Trump) does. He goes and gets a letter and says, ‘I love the guy.’”

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