Is Apple Getting Into the Self-Driving Car Game?

Is Apple Getting Into the Self Driving Car Game
ShutterStock / Self-Driving Car Cockpit
Is Apple Getting Into the Self Driving Car Game
ShutterStock / Self-Driving Car Cockpit

It’s a brave new world and technology is taking us far beyond our wild expectations of the future we held as children. One of those companies that without a doubt is responsible for bringing
affordable and life changing technologies is Apple, who now is in talks to take a massive step in the world of consumer travel and transportation by potentially reaching an accommodating business arrangement with self-driving car manufactures.

A recent report from OANN states, “Apple Inc has held talks with at least four companies as possible suppliers for next-generation lidar sensors in self-driving cars, evaluating the companies’ technology while also still working on its own lidar unit, three people familiar with the discussions said. The moves provide fresh evidence of Apple’s renewed ambitions to enter the autonomous vehicle derby, an effort it calls Project Titan. The talks are focused on next-generation lidar, a sensor that provides a three-dimensional look at the road.”

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Apple’s goal is to provide a smarter, smaller, and sleeker lidar device that will be able to help driver’s avoid accidents and collisions, thus saving lives in the process. The article continues to point out that “Current lidar systems, including units from Velodyne Inc mounted on Apple’s fleet of self-driving test vehicles, use laser light pulses to render precise images of the environment around the car. But the systems can cost $100,000 and use mechanical parts to sweep the laser scanners across the road.”

If Apple does in fact follow through with an arrangement to develop better lidar devices for self-driving car companies, they might be jumping into one of the most lucrative markets of the era. With companies already looking at automating away America’s semi-trucks (which roughly employs fifteen-million Americans currently) and businesses such as Uber, currently boasting a self-driving unit with an estimated worth of $7.25 billion, Apple might as well look forward to a pretty hefty payday as a result.

As far as what comes first is to be concerned, expect to see a self-driving Uber car pick you up during your next commute. Within the near future Uber plans on “preparing to launch its ‘roadshow,’ when it will pitch its company prospective investors, the week of April 29, setting up for an early May debut on the New York Stock Exchange. It is expected to raise $10 billion at a $90 billion to $100 billion valuation.”

Sources: OANN


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