Anthem’s Latest Patch Finally Adds More Meaningful Content

Anthem's Latest Patch Finally Adds More Meaningful Content
Anthem for PS4 - Editorial credit: David Cardinez /
Anthem's Latest Patch Finally Adds More Meaningful Content
Anthem for PS4 – Editorial credit: David Cardinez /

Anthem game developer BioWare was once known for producing high quality story-telling games beloved the world over. Hundreds of thousands of gamers have fond memories of hours whittled away playing Knights of the Old Republic or the original Mass Effect trilogy, the undisputed apex of BioWare’s existence. Unfortunately, their more recent developments have been met with significantly less success. Since Mass Effect: Andromeda, fans of BioWare have been expressing more and more discontent with the games the company has been putting out, and Anthem did not fare much better.

With a launch that was filled with potentially game-breaking bugs and a plot that failed to live up to the high expectations gamers had for the company that had once written some of the best science fiction RPG’s of all time, Anthem fell spectacularly flat for a multitude of reasons. The game was hardly terrible; but it just wasn’t up to snuff for a reputable company like BioWare.

One of the biggest issues in the game was lack of content, an issue that springs up in many looter-shooters. Once you were finished with the lackluster story mode, players didn’t have much to do in the game. Other than largely interchangeable and menial World Events, a whole three Strongholds that grew stale after the twelfth run, and the ever present grind of trying to find legendary gear that actually had good stats, your options were painfully limited.

Thankfully, the latest patch for BioWare’s struggling game tries to give players something new to do while fixing some of the less major annoyances that probably should have had no place in the game to begin with.

As far as content is concerned, the biggest (and really the only) addition is a new Stronghold for players to complete called Sunken Cell. Considering that Strongholds are the primary means of entertainment for most players that have cleared the game already, it’s great news that our Stronghold rotation will now include four missions rather than three. Unfortunately this Stronghold won’t do anything in regards to giving players new threats to fight or strikingly unique weapons to use, but at least we can fight the same old enemies in new environments and scenario.

As far as quality of life is concerned, players will finally be allowed to change weapons and gear in the middle of a mission. Previously, a player had to return all the way to Fort Tarsis, the game’s hub world, to change these aspects of their character. It was a major pain when you embarked on a mission and felt the need to equip a sniper rifle or a shotgun to respond to an unexpected danger. The patch also includes many bug fixes, but ultimately this is the most important ‘feature’ to be added.

Ultimately, this patch is the first to add anything meaningful to Anthem since its troubled launch in February. Unfortunately, it isn’t exactly a lot, and the new Stronghold won’t be able to hide the lack of things to do for very long. Unless this patch is just a stopgap en route to a much larger influx of content, Anthem is unlikely to gain much more traction with the gaming community, which is unfortunate for a company that once made some of the best games to ever grace science fiction.


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