The Next-Gen Console Showdown Will Not Happen This Year

The Next-Gen Console Showdown Will Not Happen This Year
PlaysStation vs. Xbox - Editorial credit: Barone Firenze /
The Next-Gen Console Showdown Will Not Happen This Year
PlaysStation vs. Xbox – Editorial credit: Barone Firenze /

According to Sony, they have no plans to release the next generation PlayStation, which we can simply dub the PlayStation 5 or PS5, anytime in the next twelve months. This doesn’t necessarily mean that the console will be ready in 2020, but it seems like a reasonable assumption that it might be ready for release by fall of 2020. After all, holiday season is the prime time to release new video games and consoles to play them. We won’t be sure if it’ll be ready by then until it gets announced at E3 of next year.

But even though Sony isn’t holding E3 this year, they have already revealed some of the features the new PS5 will have in order to justify putting out a new console at all. The PS5 is promised to support 8K graphics, SSD Graphics, 3D Audio, and of course, backwards compatibility with many PS4 titles that exist now. It’ll also have an eight core CPU.

None of these improvements are anything fantastic, as they won’t change any of the core aspects of the PlayStation as a whole. It’s just going to be another PlayStation console, with a bit more power and some slightly better looking graphics than the current iteration. And of course, we can also expect the next generation Xbox console to have roughly the same specs, since they’ll essentially have to in order to maintain the competition. That next gen Xbox console is currently code-named Anaconda, and another Xbox console, in line with the Xbox One S paradigm, is code-named Lockhart. Release dates, or even any real details, have yet to be released. However, Microsoft has stated that they plan to ‘go big’ at E3 this year, so we could be looking at an announcement then.

Even so, it is unlikely that we’ll see the next big console showdown until 2020 or even later. It’s highly unlikely that Microsoft will have their next gen console ready significantly before Sony does, and until one company actually releases the next generation of consoles, there isn’t really too much of a reason to launch significantly before them anyway.

What we do know is that the age old conflict between Xbox and PlayStation is probably going to continue for the foreseeable future. Until someone gets the bright and controversial idea to make a console that can play all games (good luck with that), an eternal struggle between the two gaming titans is inevitable. If we’re lucky, that contest will have less and less console exclusive titles as time wears on, but it is unlikely that such a business strategy will change anytime soon either.

The only other question to ask is when these respective companies will choose to stop making current generation games and focus their effort and resources on titles for their next generation. Hopefully, they’ll wait until those new consoles have established themselves into the gaming market well enough to usurp their predecessors for the most part.


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