Two New Nintendo Switches to Launch This Year

Wall Street Journal Reports Two New Nintendo Switches to Launch This Year
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With the Electronic Entertainment Expo (commonly known as E3) just a couple of months away, many speculations have already started as to what the video game giants plan on bringing to the show floor if they even plan on showing up in person. One major player in this arena is Nintendo, whose Switch has been a fast-rising success over the past year and doesn’t seem on stopping any time soon. However, if a new report from The Wall Street Journal is to be believed, there may be more Switches coming to the markets later this year.

Wall Street Journal Reports Two New Nintendo Switches to Launch This Year
Editorial credit: Tinxi /

The report claims that Nintendo will launch not one, but two new versions of the Nintendo Switch in 2019. One of the newer versions will be a stripped-down version, as in removing features like HD Rumble or the dock that comes with every Nintendo Switch. While the other will have higher end specifications, though the specifications won’t match up to a PS4 Pro, Xbox One X, or a higher end gaming PC from a company like Dell’s Alienware or Corsair.

Both of these versions of the Nintendo Switch are expected to be announced at E3 in June and then they should be launching “a few months later”, just in time for the holiday season according to the report. However, when The Wall Street Journal asked Nintendo for an official comment Nintendo immediately declined. 

Interestingly another piece of this report mentions that Nintendo will be working with television manufacturer SHARP on the displays for the new Switches. SHARP had made a bid to make the displays for the original Switch, but had lost out. SHARP has been in the television industry for a long time and going by their track record, we might see some beautiful looking displays for the new versions of the Nintendo Switch, specifically the higher end one. Add to this the fact that Nintendo is selling a VR kit of their popular “Nintendo Labo” series and we might see one of the best looking and inexpensive Virtual Reality kits on the market to date.

As for right now though, E3 is just a few months away and around this time of year rumors and reports will be flying from every direction under the sun. Though coincidentally, according to GameSpot, Nintendo’s stock spiked on the market open Monday following the release of the report.


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