Google Delivery Drones Coming Soon?

Google Delivery Drones Coming Soon
Credit: ShutterStock
Google Delivery Drones Coming Soon
Drone delivering package over urban area / Credit: ShutterStock

Google’s parent company Alphabet intends to release something revolutionary within the near future that’ll excite some- and make some others nervous in the process.

According to a recent article at, Alphabet could become the first company to receive legal permission to operate and pilot delivery drones. The article states “Alphabet has already begun drone delivery services in some areas of Australia, with its fair share of complaints. Many people in the vicinity of drone deliveries have complained about the noise level of the drones as they hover in anticipation of making a delivery. One has to imagine too that as drone delivery becomes more widespread the likelihood of drone crashes will increase.

Once the first drones crash and injure people or lose goods or are involved in air-to-air collisions, the backlash against drone operators and the agencies who approved those drone deliveries will grow.”

While noise complaints are one thing, the threat of automation is bound to make a major threat to one of the largest employers in the United States for example- our trucking industry which employs upwards of 15 million Americans. If the tech giant has to decide between more truck drivers and more drones, who is likely to win? The drones don’t require paychecks or benefits, and will never cause an accident or wreck on the road. The drones also don’t need breaks or days off which means they’ll become far more efficient than human workers off the bat.

Automation like this has been predicted for years and anyone surprised by it obviously hasn’t been to a McDonald’s to eat inside recently, where McDonald’s employees at the register have been disappearing for years because of the cheaper and more efficient automated kiosks. Still, the biggest obstacle Alphabet has to maneuver around is still the FAA, since “Alphabet’s approval will likely spur a race on the part of Amazon and others to gain FAA approval for their drone delivery services, as the ability to use drones will negate the need to maintain huge fleets of delivery vehicles and human employees or contractors to deliver packages.”

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