Samsung Galaxy Fold Relaunch Coming Soon

After the bungling unveiling and media review period of the Samsung Galaxy Fold, the mobile phone and electronics retailer hasn’t thrown in the towel yet.

Galaxy Fold Release
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The buildup to the nearly $2,000 foldable phone with much fanfare fell flat after users reported issues with the screen. Some peeled off the protective layer, which they did not know was integral to the phone’s structure.

The company planned to officially launch the phone April 26, but due to issues with the screen and flickering, the phone launch was postponed, indefinitely. The company issued refunds to those who had pre-ordered the device as it would not be available the date of launch.

According to CNET, Samsung will announce the new launch sometime soon.
CNET stated that Samsung is investigating the broken devices, reinforcing the inner plastic screens for final production units and putting packaging instructing Fold owners not to peel the protective screen layer.

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“We will take measures to strengthen the display protection,” Samsung wrote in a statement to CNET. “We will also enhance the guidance on care and use of the display including the protective layer so that our customers get the most out of their Galaxy Fold.”

According to BGR, the Fold may hit the market by July, stating that a press conference about what went wrong with the phone during the launch is likely. “The device already arguably had a high bar to cross on the road to mainstream acceptance of a nearly $2,000 handset with an unusual form factor beset by early problems like debris that could get inside the phone through gaps in the hinge mechanism,” BGR reported. “Complicating matters further, Best Buy recently canceled its Fold pre-order sales, which means that anyone who still is desperate to get their hands on one of these devices will have to start the pre-order process all over again once Samsung finally gets around to sharing a new launch date.”

Techspot reported that the company applied two fixes to the initial issues with the Fold. One would be tucking the protective layer under the phone’s frame, so users would not confuse it with a screen protector common on new devices, Techspot wrote. The box will also show warnings not to peel this layer, according to Techspot.

“The second fix has to do with reducing the gap between the phone’s display and body at the hinge to prevent debris from getting in, another common issue which earlier caused the display to warp and even fail,” Techspot wrote.

If Samsung can regain consumer confidence and get users who initially wanted to purchase the phone to do so again, they may have a chance. However, they will need to ensure the public’s confidence to have a successful relaunch of the $2,000 luxury device.

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