Samsung Releases TV and Digital Art Platform, The Frame

Credit: Samsung Newsroom
Samsung Releases TV and Digital Art Platform, The Frame
Credit: Samsung Newsroom
Samsung Releases TV and Digital Art Platform, The Frame

If anyone’s ever wished to change their home decor at the touch of a button, Samsung has developed technology to help make that dream come true.

With the announcement of its new foldable phone, Samsung is launching a new QLED TV, The Frame, that features digital artwork, as of April 9. The electronics company has introduced new LED-screen technology into its newest version of mobile devices and will incorporate similar variables into other devices. But The Frame isn’t just a TV — it’s “the world’s largest art platform for TV,” the company touts, featuring more than 1,000 interchangeable works of art in the Samsung Art Store.

“The Frame isn’t just a beautiful TV. It’s a beautiful piece of art that blends into any room,” said Andrew Sivori, Vice President, TV Product Marketing, Samsung Electronics America. “We are excited to bring stellar QLED picture quality to The Frame in order to give consumers a premium experience whether they are using it to enjoy entertainment or enhance the aesthetic of their home.”

The Frame Promo Video:

While the TV works as, well a TV, when it’s not showing Netflix or playing reruns of “The Office,” it displays artwork, “transforming an everyday living space into a dynamic gallery.” If the Netflix logo or ads are boring you, The Frame will provide brilliant LED digital works of art for you to display in your home. The Frame even has a Luminance Sensor, which adjusts the screen’s settings based on light in the room.

“Users are transported to the Vincent Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, the Uffizi Gallery in Florence and more through artwork that suits their personal tastes and enhances their home décor,” Samsung wrote in a release. “Samsung will continue to expand its partnerships with artists and museums to give users even more options to design the living space of their dreams.”

One cool feature of The Frame is that it hangs seamlessly one the wall with Samsung’s proprietary No Gap Wall Mount. There are also four customizable magnetic bezel options included with The Frame to complement a user’s living room — black, white, beige and brown.

For those who hate clusters of endless cords coming out of their TV’s backside, The Frame comes with One Invisible Connection — a single, translucent cable, which transmits power and AV to the TV, according to Samsung.

At the Samsung Art Store, you can purchase digital displays of the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam, or choose from the Museo Del Prado Collection.

There are several different partners with this art store that allow for a variety of different displays.

The Frame currently comes with 20 pre-loaded artworks. Customers have to purchase new art at the Samsung Art Store if they don’t like the art that comes with the device.

The Frame is currently available on but comes with a hefty price tag, starting at $1,299 for a 43-inch screen up to $2,799 for a 65-inch screen.

Samsung Art Store subscriptions run about $4.99 a month.


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