Off-Duty Firefighters Save Man with CPR

Off-Duty Firefighters Save Man with CPR
Credit: KARE 11 via YouTube

During a blizzard in Minnesota Feb. 23, two firefighters, who worked in the Twin Cities suburb Richfield, took a trip to Lake Mille Lacs to relax and ice fish.

The firefighters, Joe Halaska and Adam Benson, had no idea what was in store for them on the frozen lake. KARE 11 reports that due to the conditions of the blizzard, it was impossible to get off the lake. Halaska, his father Mike, who is also a retired Richfield firefighter, and Benson were all on the lake and after a long day, headed to Bayview Resort for something to eat.

According to KARE 11, that’s when the firefighters noticed 68-year-old Dale Meyer of Onamia, Minnesota, slumped over in his chair. The report states that Meyer had spent the day snowplowing the lake. That’s when the three first responders sprung into action.

“I was on one side, and Adam was on the other side, so if one of us got tired with the compressions we could easily just switch off,” Halaska told KARE 11.
The first responders performed CPR for 10 minutes on Meyer before he opened his eyes.

“There’s a definite feel for each other and we just jumped right into it. We really didn’t need to communicate with each other a whole lot,” Halaska told KARE 11.

The firefighters told KARE 11 it was the first time they had used CPR while off the job, and they were shocked when Meyers began speaking to them after undergoing cardiac arrest.
According to the report, Meyers is at home recovering.

These three will not likely forget this weekend and answering the call to help when they are needed.

Sources: Kare11, YouTube


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