Twin Boys Dance-Off Will Have You Laughing

Twin Boys Dance-off Will Have You Laughing
Credit: Kim Parker via YouTube

An Atlanta, Georgia, mother and her twin boys went viral for showing off some cool moves at their local McDonalds.

Kim Parker and her twin sons were enjoying a meal at McDonald’s, and her boys began to dance. Parker, who couldn’t keep the boys moves to herself, recorded the encounter as the boys danced to an elevator-music version of Gloria Estefan’s 1994 hit, Turn the Beat Around. The boys take turns trying to impress Parker with their moves as she “mmhmms” while they dance. The boys are taking the dance-off very seriously throughout the minute-and-a-half video.

The video published in 2015 is still making its rounds on the internet as more than 8.6 million people have viewed and 160,000 shares on Facebook.

The boys love to dance and Parker commented on her Facebook post that they never stop dancing.

Parker wrote, “This “dance-off” has me crying…real tears…they were so serious…”

One poster commented that she had seen this video on her timeline at least 10 times between today and yesterday.

“They are going worldwide!”

Another wrote “I don’t know which is funnier. Them dancing or your background theatrics!!! lol! I’m so weak!!!”

The dance-off between the boys is still bringing laughter and joy after it being posted years ago.


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