Men’s Makeup Gaining Traction in Asia, Europe & U.S.

Men's Makeup Gaining Traction in Asia, Europe & U.S.
Editorial Credit: Shutterstock
Men's Makeup Gaining Traction in Asia, Europe & U.S.
Editorial Credit: Shutterstock

In the 1990s hit sitcom “Friends,” character Joey Tribiani, who works as an actor, asks Chandler to get him a roll for Chandler’s companies commercial. Chandler is hesitant at first and doesn’t show the video to his boss and hides this from Joey. Joey knows Chandler didn’t watch the video because of what the video contained. A commercial that showed Joey wearing a bright blue lipstick called “Ichiban” with the tagline “Lipstick for men.”

While the skit shows that men wearing makeup is unheard of and not masculine, almost 30 years later, a different trend is emerging.

Who says only girls are allowed to feel pretty?

A report by Coresight Research, a research analysis firm, shows that male makeup sales in Asian markets is increasing.

“Young consumers are challenging the definitions of masculinity and femininity as men are beginning to wear makeup – and not just for stage performances or on television,” the report suggests.

The report continues to say that the fastest-growing market is located in Asia Pacific, which includes Australasia. By 2022, the men’s makeup and skincare market is expected to grow by 7 percent, according to the report.

“Supply is not able to meet demand for male makeup products in China according to Jason Chen, General Manager of Tmall Beauty, creating an opportunity for brands. China’s male consumers want products geared towards them,” the report suggests.

Currently, about 39 percent of millennials are now wearing men’s makeup daily, according to MMUK Man, the world’s leading makeup brand for men.

“One in three British men will be slapping on a real-life filter and indulging in the likes of concealer, beard filler and brow gel by the end of 2020, based on their current growth rates,” MMUK Man states.

This trend has been on the rise since the early 2000s and more men are embracing wearing makeup in everyday life. Many millennials, ages 19-30, are embracing this trend and participating in male grooming. More companies are also locking into this trend and creating beauty products just for men.

“Brands are now creating skin care and very subtle cosmetic products that are specifically designed for men that are masculinely packaged,” said YouTube male beauty sensation Nate Robert, who regularly uploads tutorials and reviews of the market’s most popular products, in a press release. “They are perfect for making men feel completely comfortable and really allow guys to experiment.”

The Wall Street Journal even published an article, “How to Wear Makeup for Your Job Interview — Men’s Edition,” March 20 of this year., a beauty and wellness publication, states that gender fluidity is the biggest makeup trend of 2019.

“Today, men like James Charles, Patrick Starr, and Kenneth D. Senegal are disrupting the gender stereotypes associated with makeup, using YouTube and social media to celebrate their love of makeup and connect with both men and women who share their passion,” Nandi Howard wrote for Coveteur.

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