The Notre Dame Fire: New Concerns Amid Construction Efforts

Editorial Credit: Pedro Mar /

Notre Dame Cathedral Fire Report – DW News / YouTube

On April 15th, the eight hundred year old cathedral of Notre Dame suffered severe damage in a blazing inferno. What caused the fire is still up for debate, but what is known for certain is that the tragedy inflicted a great deal of damage on the important landmark. The cathedral’s ceiling collapsed in many places, presenting a significant threat in preserving the cathedral beyond the damage it has already sustained.

Naturally the degree of damage dealt has posed a significant hurdle for reconstruction efforts, even with the equivalent of one billion dollars committed to repairs by the government.

While the biggest problem will of course be that the original materials can never possibly be replaced, a more immediate problem is presenting itself right now; the weather.

With giant holes in the cathedral’s ceiling, the potential for imminent rain is threatening Notre Dame to an even greater extent. The forecast in France isn’t looking good as far as sunshine and rainbows is concerned, and workers have been forced to scramble in an effort to protect the vulnerable cathedral from water damage.

Editorial Credit: Pedro Mar /

Plans are in motion to place an umbrella like structure over the cathedral while repairs are carried out, but this protective covering isn’t ready yet, and possible thunderstorms are right around the corner. An emergency tarpaulin will be erected as soon as possible, hopefully in time to prevent further waterlogging in the national treasure.

This essentially mundane threat obviously presents a significant danger, and it begs the question of how many more troubles will arise throughout the repairs to Notre Dame. Unfortunately, it’s difficult to predict what other obstacles will make themselves known as work continues.

What we do know is that the determination to repair this national treasure is unquantifiable. French President Macron has assured the people that Notre Dame will be fully repaired by 2024, in time for the Olympics that are planned to take place in the city. The French Prime Minister has raised the idea of holding a design contest for the spire that was destroyed in the fire, and other plans have been made to build a temporary wooden cathedral nearby to continue Catholic services during the no doubt lengthy and costly reconstruction time.

That this tragedy will present severe difficulties for several years is undeniable. What caused it is still being questioned, but hopefully the incident was a freak accident, and not the result of carelessness or ill intent. To think that an eight century old masterpiece of architecture could be the target of intentional vandalism of this scale would be unsettling.

But, while the damage is unfortunate and will take a great deal of time and resources to fix, one day soon this incident will be far in the past. We can only hope that the cathedral will be restored to its former glory with as little trouble as possible, and in time for the Paris Olympics in the future.

Source: DW News / YouTube


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